Service Options

We can service your bike for you at your home or workplace. All we need is a small amount of workspace.

We can perform any mix of mechanical tasks from a simple gear and brake adjustments right up to frame builds. As a guide to the service options most folks choose here are a couple of options

Tune Up Service    £70

  • Inspection of the components and the frame
  • Wheels checked and trued, spoke tensions checked.
  • Brake Pads assessed and wear recorded.
  • Brakes adjusted, pad positioning, bite point and centering/timing.
  • Tyres checked for condition, seating, wear, inflation.
  • Chain wear assessed and recorded.
  • Gears adjusted, Low and High stops, cable condition and tension adjustment for indexing.
  • Lubrication of the chain.

2nd Bike Special Offer – second bike serviced during the same booking for just £50. 

Full Degrease Service    £100

As above but includes dissasembly and thorough clean and degrease of the front and rear derailleurs, chain, cassette and chainset. Re-lubrication of drivetrain components.

Annual Service.        £150 for 1st service, £125 for the 2nd. £100 thereafter. 

A full strip down service of the bike. All of the above plus headset, bottom bracket and hubs all stripped down, cleaned and inspected for corrosion, re-lubricated and re-assembled as per manufacturers specification. A full on day of TLC for your bike. Before and After photos taken for your amusement! New gear and brake inner cables included where applicable. Polished twice, for a truly beautiful result. This is a ‘better than brand new’ service for your bike. 

The reason the cost decreases is due to the huge difference it makes to the mechanic when a bike has had the right application of anti-sieze and grease in all the right places, the work progresses without difficulty, fastenings respond to the input, component adjustments are possible without excessive effort or force. The manufacturers are producing the products to a specification versus price. We can do better. 

Frame Alignment and Preparation
Head tube reaming and facing, bottom bracket shell tapping and facing, seat tube reaming, frame thread tapping, and dropout alignment

Standard Labour Rates

£45 per hour.

Labour rate for fitting of parts not supplied by MBRS
£55 per hour.

Cost of spares and replacement parts not included in service price.

No additional fitting charges for fitting parts supplied by MBRS during a service.