Wheel Building Service

I’m incredibly proud to be able to offer wheel builds to customers, it’s an art that I have a huge respect for and having been shown many different methods of hand building wheels I have settled on Schraners Way, Gerd Schraner wrote the book entitled ‘the art of wheel building’ and in my opinion it’s the bible!!

Since 1994 I’ve been Building and Truing wheels to very tight tolerances, using high quality components from brands such as Mavic and DT Swiss it’s possible to get a wheel to within +/- 0.01mm radial and lateral run outs. To put some perspective on that, most people struggle to see a wheel that’s within +/- 0.25mm move, at all.!!

A recent video of a recent Mavic and 105 build

Of course I understand that having a wheel incredibly round and true is only impressive if it stays that way!! So my experience and knowledge in this sector ensures that the wheels I build for customers stay true and round, period. There are some massive pot-holes and some big trees out there on the trails so it’s a challenge sometimes!! But building several wheels every month and carefully selecting the right components to match the customers needs has been successful to say the least.

I’m happy to build wheels for you, in front of you and even with you! I can assist people with building their own wheels, using my tools and equipment.

New service available from MBRS… E-Bike hand built wheels.

At the risk of getting a little technical… The factory fitted wheelsets that E-Bikes are shipping with are often of really poor quality and use a pawl system to provide drive. The issue arising is that the high levels of torque generated by the modern motors is simply too much. If your E-Bike is suffering from spoke failures, poor drive engagement or failure. The solution is a wheelset specifically tailored to E-Bike use, hand built by MBRS.

What this old thing...
What this old thing…


Hand built wheels for road, cross or mountain, Just Ask!


XT hubs with DT Swiss rim and spokes
A customer in the Learning Zone!
Such an elegant, fuss free lacing pattern
Such an elegant, fuss free lacing pattern


The hub cleaner band is a nod to the wheelbuilders of a past gone era.