Wheelsets for sale

All wheels are hand built by me, Sam. Spoke lengths are calculated and recorded using the traditional method, using the ERD, Hub centre to flange, Pitch circle diameter, spoke count and offset for lacing pattern. Spoke threads and nipples are lubricated prior to build. Wheels are either laced radially, 2 or 3 cross or mixed if manufacturers spec allows for it. Wheels are laced as per Schraners’ Way, spokes are pre-aligned, then initial inputs to make round, true and dished. Pre-stressing takes place several times, spoke heads are seated against flanges, then the correct spoke tensions are delivered. Wheels are trued to within +/- 0.1mm and DT Swiss Spoke Freeze applied post build. ‘Built by MBRS’ hub cleaner band included FOC on all builds where possible.

MBRS offer a lifetime guarantee against defaults in craftsmanship to the original owner of hand built wheels.


Road Wheelsets

SOLD OUT. I’m building more at present.


26″/559mm Mountain Bike Wheelsets

Shimano XT C/L hubs, laced 3 cross all round into DT Swiss XR331 rims. 32 DT Swiss triple butted 2.0/1.7/1.8mm spokes in black.  £300… Including DT Swiss rim tapes.

imageimage image


Why the ‘Original Owner’ stipulation?… I build wheels for individuals, it’s a bespoke tailored option. No two people are the same, and no two riding styles / requirements are the same.

What happened to 1 cross and 4 cross options?… Have you seen a 1 cross!! It looks horrendous!! Unless you’re looking at a sub-20″ wheel with a large flange diameter build, then forget 1 cross!! The issue with 4 cross on many hub designs is that each spoke tends to ‘sit’ and ‘rock’ on the head of it’s neighbour as it leaves the hub flange, so it often results in a sub standard build.