Corporate days

Have your bike serviced for FREE at your workplace. With minimal disruption.

If you arrange a date for MBRS to come to your workplace and spend the day servicing yours and your colleagues bikes, not only will they get a great service for a great price but you will get your bike serviced for Free!.

We can tailor any service requirements you may have but here are a couple of popular options…

2 to 4 bikes on the day

Bike SoS, normally £150, special offer £100 per bike.

  • Full bike wash, degrease, chain bath, full polish, plus a yellow jersey service as per below!!

Please note that 4 Bike SoS services can take all day, ie 8:30am till 5:30pm! I may also need access to hot water for washing the bikes.


5 to 15 bikes on the day

Yellow Jersey Service, normally £60, special offer £40 per bike.

  • Brakes checked and adjusted, pad wear recorded.
  • Wheels trued and spoke tensions checked
  • Chain wear recorded, chain lubed
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • Gear low and high stops checked and adjusted

Polkadot Jersey Service, normally £40, special offer £30 per bike.

  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted for correct function
  • Chain lubed
  • Tyres checked and inflated.


Requirements prior to agreed date…

Organisers name, contact number. A work space arranged of approx 4m x 4m plus room for a vehicle.

Contact list of those wanting their bikes serviced on the day, contact numbers and bike make/model plus service option they would like. Please keep it simple!

Requirements on the agreed date…

Organiser to meet at 8:30am and show us where they would like us to work. Access to toilet and water if necessary.