MBRS is pleased to welcome Mike to the bicycle business…Mike joins MBRS having been sailing around the UK for the last few years.

Mike and Sam have known each other since we went to school together aged 12! We’ve been friends ever since and have kept in contact over the years through various bike builds and also various business interests. Sam even rescued Mike and his bike from half way up a tree once, a very slippery bridge made from fallen trees decided to eject Mike off the side of a hill in the Chilterns one afternoon! He rode home…

Mike has a background in mountain biking, even riding a build that Sam put together for him back in 1995! Mike has covered a lot of Scotland and even ridden in Kirkwall whilst admiring a view of John o’Groats! Mikes mountain bike was stolen, TWICE! Each time he was able to recover it! Once with the help of a professor at Manchester University.

Mike has undertaken his Cytech 1 & 2 and continues to build his knowledge base shadowing Sam at first. with a view to helping in the training side of the business as well as the repairs and servicing.

Over the last few years MBRS has become increasingly busy, to the point where customers were having to wait several weeks to get their bike serviced, so Mike’s addition to the business will improve availability significantly. We’d like to thank all of our customers for their patience and loyalty since 2009.

We look forward to helping customers enjoy their bikes over the coming years.


Mike’s new project build…

Got any go faster stripes?!