About MBRS

MBRS was established in 2009 by me, Sam Darling, my experience in the cycle industry started around 1994 working in my local bike shop at the age of 16. Through school, college and university I worked at Saddle Safari in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. I then went on to work for X-Lite where I turned Muc-Off green, called it Grass-Off and started selling it to the French agricultural markets by the palette load!.

After a short gig with Xtreme Bikes in Parkstone selling high-end Cannondales to the folk in Sandbanks, Poole I went to work for the uk importer of GT Bikes and Schwinn, I got to work closely with some major brands such as WTB, Cane Creek, Tioga tyres, BoB trailers and Rockshox. Then came the phone call I’d been waiting for… Trek bikes offered me a position. Without any hesitation I went to work for the brand who made the bike I pedalled to the south of France in 2001. I also took on the responsibility of being the Klein Bikes custom paint manager for the uk. I got to work with some great brands like Gary Fisher, Lomond, Rolf Wheels and even cooked Gary Fisher and Keith Bontrager dinner one evening!

Following the loss my Mum to cancer I had the opportunity to work with some different brands including Sony, Toshiba, Acer and finally Apple. My role as a commercial business manager working with several of the largest vendor relationships within the company and turnover in excess of £6.5m a day taught me a lot. Whether presenting to the board of directors or motivating sales teams, I enjoyed success whilst encouraging collaboration between Sales and Product Management teams to achieve company wide success. I exited the business at 167% of target to start my own business.

So I set up MBRS. Initially, repairs and servicing made up a large proportion of business, however since 2010 I have worked as a Cytech Instructor. I have trained business owners and their staff from around the world to an internationally recognised training qualification. From Panama, Chicago, Brazil to Bahrain, South Africa,  Italy and even New Zealand.

I have also had the pleasure of training some pro-race team mechanics, for the likes of the Madison Genesis Team, the Trek Factory Team and others too.

For the bike-nerds out there… I’ve always been a bit more 559 than 622! It’s been a very, very long time since I discussed podiums and race licenses!! Nowadays I’m more likely to take my children on rides in the beautiful countryside usually enjoying a pint of ale rather than an electrolyte!!

Off-road touring, bike packing and wild camping are particular interests, my daughter and I often head out into the middle of the woods to enjoy lunch with a view.

Go faster daddy, go faster!!!

Go faster daddy, go faster!!!

Escapism and separation from the hustle and bustle… my daughter and i rode to the highest point in Bedfordshire (although it was only 247m up!)Don’t worry, we’ll be home at some point tomorrow, maybe. We’ll have to see where our adventure leads us…

Got to love a Boat (bridleway open to all traffic

Another one joins the adventure

Le velo de tout terrain!